As an artist I'm conditioned by a graphic sensibility. I draw constantly in notebooks and although my studio practice incorporates various materials and practices including painting and sculpture it's all derived from drawing.

Artworks are made in series over a number of years. Recently two themes have emerged; the first involves predictions of dystopian futures, depicted through images of natural catastrophes of floods and inundations or social and technological disorder, these works are designed to narrate possible reversals and retreats from 21st technological life.

A second enquiry focuses on the experience of drawing in the dark, and taking drawing where it ought not to go, into caves. This involves field trips and on site drawing in challenging environments. The outcomes include a range of works from tiny pen and ink drawings (V&A collection), larger gouache and watercolours and a recent 2x5 meter collaborative drawing of Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains, made while I was artist in residence at the Study Centre for Drawing at the National Art School, Sydney.

Gerry Davies